VA Mentoring


“Mentoring is Like helping people turn on their light”

I have always enjoyed helping people develop. Throughout my management career in recruitment I had the pleasure of mentoring some wonderful people who I have stayed friends with.

I remember the day I met Laura. I’d been in my Branch Manager role at a Care recruitment company in Chester for all of about 5 minutes and it was a mess. No procedures, no structure, the office itself wasn’t fit for purpose even the filing cabinet had boxes of cereal in it! Oh and no office staff.

I love a challenge though and that’s where the journey began.

Laura one of the Carers walked through the door and said “Oh you look busy would you like some help? I can answer the phones for you”

I didn’t know it then but Laura was to become one of my greatest allies in the fight to make this office great!

She was lovely, caring, helpful and had a really nice way with her.

Despite this she was very underconfident and didn’t believe in herself. But I did!

Laura went on to become a fantastic recruiter and a valuable member of my team.

I am now mentoring again helping people who are looking for a career change, have been made redundant, lost their job because of Covid or people like me who just want more flexibility to look after their children and juggle their family commitments.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is the perfect solution for all of these things as you are home working/ remote working, being your own boss, painting your own rainbow.

I offer 121 mentoring and coaching sessions to help individuals set up their own VA business and I mentor them along the way.

I also offer a group course called The VA Academy Logo to Launch Course which covers everything you need to know from scratch with the support on hand to set your business up and be running within 4 weeks.

The people I mentor then have the opportunity to join my matching service as VA Associates to gain clients though At the Drop of a Hat.


How I halved the pressure and doubled my revenue in one month by hiring a VA


My business has continued to evolve over the course of the last year.

Starting as a Virtual Assistant, opening my VA matching service and starting mentoring and launching courses.

I believed in outsourcing anyway and all outsourcing should bring a return on investment.

Virtual Assistants exist to save you time, gain your work life balance and scale your business.

We are helpers and solutions providers that’s what we do.

The At the Drop of a Hat mission is to calm your overwhelm by matching you with the ideal Virtual Assistant freeing up your time to do what you do best, what you enjoy or simply let you do the revenue generating tasks that are required to take your business to the next level.

I know this works as I have seen this with many of our clients and myself.

I made the decision that to be able to scale my business and take it to the next level by launching my VA matching service and mentoring courses I needed support and I chose to invest in a Virtual Assistant.

That’s when I found Gemma. She was just starting out as a Virtual Assistant however we got on like a house on fire! We found that we had similar personalities and a love for dancing as well as Disney. Gemma started and straight away I felt more grounded and that I wasn’t alone. She was great at the tasks I didn’t like, bookkeeping, invoicing, contracts etc. Not because I can’t do them. I can but my efforts are needed to scall the business.

Within a month the new processes were working, and my revenue had doubled! This is what having the right VA for your business can do. Th proof is in the pudding and clients want a return on their investment.

Half the pressure and double the revenue.